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Business Start-up
Communication and Human Networking
Key success factor of Vietnam business is to overcome the three barriers.
Those are barriers of language, culture and human relationship.

We overcome those three barriers.
And it give us an edge in the ability of communication and human relationship building in Vietnam.

We have Japanese speaking Vietnamese staffs and Vietnamese speaking Japanese staffs.
Our deep back ground of Vietnamese culture, social system, business manner and top-management experience in Japan enables us to conduct communication feeling their hidden intention and from top-management point of view.
We can utilise our strong human network in Vietnam if needed.

With those advantages, we can deliver our professional communication and networking which cannot be achieved by typical foreign companies.
Our professional communication and networking skills assist our client's business in Vietnam successful.

You can enjoy our professional abilities best when you need to plan, set up and conduct strategic meetings with local Vietnamese companies.


In developed countries like Japan and the United States, it is easy to get considerable degree of business information from the Internet.
Advanced information gathering techniques like mass media research are available and it is easy and usual to make a first contact with companies by telephone to know them.
So anybody can gather business information easily in developed countries.

However, in Vietnam, the situation is completely different.
The Internet and mass media in Vietnam are not mature enough and the information from them are not based on the fact.
Furthermore, typical Vietnamese companies seldom respond to phone calls from strangers.
Only one and meaningful way to gather information is to contact and to ask directly or via human network.
The information which is provided by others often involve unfair and/or out-of-date information in Vietnam.
It is mandatory to examine the information with second opinion and consideration of background of the information provider.

So our basic policy of research activity in Vietnam is to gather information,
       under the judge of experts, with the direct contact, utilising human
       network and by ourselves.
We conduct this kind of research activity on behalf of our overseas clients.

We accept various kind of research requests, like marketing, business partner company, land property, product prices and so on.


Business Start-up
Business Start-up
All the developed countries are the country under the rule of law.
Vietnam is still the country under the rule of person.
Off course, there is the unified enterpirse law in Vietnam.
Becoming 150th member of WTO will let Vietnam accelerate the development and the application of law, although the ambiguous transition period will be continued for a while.But the current transition period, insufficiency of law, inflastructure and etc, means that there are many business chances with steadily growing.

Still, in Vietnam the country of unique language and culture, it would be very difficult to conduct successful business by oneself even for the companies who have competitive business schemes and products in Vietnam.

We support those foreign companies to overcome the difficulties of business start-up with our two services.
The first service is support in general affairs's area, i.e. "Finding offices/factories, registration of incorporation, recruiting employee and misc. administrative procedures."
The second service is rather strategic support, i.e. "Business partnership / Joint Venture with Vietnamese companies, M&A, business schemes for trading and overseas cash transfer."

Especially our strong and reliable relationship with Vietnamese government companies and professional leading companies will contribute very much to successful business start-up of our client companies.


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