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Representative service of Resident Office  
Representative service of Resident Office
There would be many companies who has issues about Resident Office work like,
       "There are not so much work to assign fulltime Japanese        manager in Vietnam."
       "We don't have any extra managers/staffs to assign to the resident        office work."
       "We cannot find/hire appropriate and capable mangers to assign"

We offer the outsourcing service of the resident office work for the companies who doesn't/won't assign Japanese manager in Vietnam.
We commit to represent the resident office of our client. We do management work like
       "Visiting factories and partner companies on a periodic basis to
       review inspection of goods, quality management, shipping, project
       progress and so on."
We also commit to conduct administrative work and tax related work on behalf of our client in Vietnam.

And for the companies who want to start business in Vietnam but they still have concerns about the cost and the staffing, we offer the packaged service of liaison office with reasonable price.
Full-time secretary for a client company will respond phonecalls, pick up guests at the airport, serve customers on behalf of our client company.


Miscellaneous Outsourcing Services
Miscellaneous Outsourcing Services
Deft fingers and low salary of Vietnamese works, are one of the most attractive points of Vietnam. Hiring excellent graduates from the top University in Vietnam is not difficult with rather lower wages Hiring excellent graduates with rather lower wages in comparison with Japan, is not difficult in Vietnam even if looking for the graduates from top-university.
Because of that, many foreign companies have been come in Vietnam to launch their own offshore development center and business process outsourcing center. However if some company want to do it by itself, the amount of the investment is not small and the operation should be big to reach the break-even point. And also the company needs to be accustomed with and to know well about Vietnamese, so it is really not easy for small/medium enterprises to do that.

For the small/medium foreign enterprises, we offer miscellaneous outsourcing services with small amount. If client companies prefer to take over the outsourcing service unit, it is possible.
Data input, simple routine operation, scanning and storing of paper documents, call center operation are the typical services.

We also offer other kind of outsourcing services.


Computer software offshore development
Computer software offshore development
IT engineer is one of the most popular job in Vietnam. IT industry is mine of excellent Vietnamese.
Many young engineers have been starting up their own excellent businesses after experiencing the jobs in the leading company of IT "FPT software" and/or Japanese IT companies.
Some of such kind of excellent IT companies are in our Vietnamese network.
They offer with reasonable prices and they have Japanese speaking engineers also.
Biggest benefit to work with our team, is for small/medium enterprises who want to reduce their IT costs and to minimise the risk of offshore development because of our bridging.
We commit to support our clients when they have some trouble, they need translation/interpreter.

Our policy is to deliver offshore software/HomePage development services with
       "Reasonable prices and High quality."
Feel free to contact us about the details.


CAD/CAM Design
CAD/CAM Design
Trend of the offshoring is in CAD/CAM industry like in IT industry.
There are some excellent CAD/CAM companies in our network in Vietnam also.
They have experiences of working for Japanese clients.
We offer the similar business scheme for our client company to enjoy the benefit of the cost reduction by offshoring and the risk minimisation/mitigation in CAD/CAM area.
Feel free to contact us about the details.


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