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Corporate Name
Y H K Company Limited.
130/9, Street 11, Quarter 9,
Truong Tho Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City
Business Activities
(1) Consulting (Research and business launch in Vietnam)
(2) Outsourcing (Liaison Officer Representation,
      Offshore software development)
(3) Recruiting (Vietnamese/Japanese)
(4) Sales and Distribution (Vietnam/Japan)
Registration Number
4104003842 (Investment Planning Department / Ho Chi Minh City)
Legal Capital
4,9 Billion VND
Started business from
Incorporated at
0286 2873-945
0286 2873-977
hong@yhk.com.vn - ymt@yhk.com.vn
Truong Thi Hong, Yoshimatsu Hideki


YHK company appearance photograph

YHK company outside

message MESSAGE

Since I came here in Ho Chi Minh City as a chief operating officer of a project, eight years has passed.
The objective of the project is to deliver many kind of trainings to young Vietnamese IT engineers who wants to work in Japan, and to make them ready to work for IT companies in Japan.
Eight years ago, the project tried to recruit the trainees mainly from the graduates of HCMC University of Technology.
I thought it should be difficult to recruit from such a top-class university, however I had to refuse most of the candidates from the university indeed. There were so many candidates at the time.
Vietnamese economy has been going very fast so far. Becoming 150th member of WTO in 2007 also boosted its economy.
Now Vietnam is one of the most booming country in the world.
The speed of the change is so fast and I am really surprised to know the difficulty of excellent engineers recruiting nowadays.
There are many Japanese companies which started their business in Vietnam and the number of companies has been growing up so rapidly these days. Although, still so many barriers are remaining for foreign companies to conduct their economic activities in Vietnam in culture, social system, business custom and so on, Big enterprise can invest big money in emerging market at low risk by their rich cash flow. But the big investment is impossible or really high risk for small/medium companies.
Core values of YHK are our professional experiences, strong network in Vietnam and professional staff.
I have professional experience of recruiting and training of over 2,000 Vietnamese engineers and experts for eight years and deep experience of enterprise management over twenty years.
We also have the most important clue for business in Vietnam, that is, reliable and strong Vietnamese network.
Our philosophy is to become a bridge between Japan and Vietnam.
We hope to deliver excellent and satisfactory services to small/medium companies with reasonable price.
Strong commitment and honesty regardless of the amount of money is our value. We do our best anytime to our customers.
It is our pleasure to contribute to our customers, Japan and Vietnam with our services.

YHK Co., Ltd.
President Truong Thi Hong, Yoshimatsu Hideki
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