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Recruiting engineers in Vietnam for job opportunities in Japan
It has been becoming difficult to hire young excellent engineers in Japan, the country with the low birth-rate and aging population.
We deliver total recruiting service to hire young excellent engineers and other skilled employee.
in Vietnam for the Japanese companies who are facing difficulties to hire them in Japan.
We are cooperating with Vietnamese government-linked companies and they guarantee the Vietnamese engineers. It enables us to deliver the recruiting service with minimum trouble.
We are also cooperating with a Japanese professional company of the recruiting of Vietnamese engineers.
We strongly support our client companies with the partner company in Japan.


Recruiting staffs in Vietnam for job opportunities in Vietnam
We help Japanese companies in Vietnam to hire excellent bilingual employee to work as managers, engineers, accountant, temporary staffs and etc. with our one-by-one pre-screening.
Our core values in this service are the ability of finding the excellent vietnamese and orientation training.
Before their assignments in our client companies, we conduct the orientation training to them to be familiar with Japanese business mind-set, manner and others.
It minimises mismatch and communication gap between the employee and our client companies.


Recruiting workers in Vietnam for job opportunities abroad
We also offer recruiting service of Vietnamese to work in the other countries.
This service is for the companies who establish their factories outside Vietnam and Japan but they still prefer to hire Vietnamese workers because of their characteristics of hard working and deft fingers.


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