• Communication and Human Networking

    Communication and Human Networking

    The key to success in Vietnam business is to overcome three barriers.

    They are the language, culture and relationship barriers.
    We have overcome these three barriers.
    This leads to the superiority of our communication and relationship building skills in Vietnam.
    We have experienced Vietnamese staff who have worked in Japan and are fluent in Japanese. In addition, we also have Japanese staff with long experience in Vietnam.
    With the deep background that we have cultivated in Japan, such as Vietnamese culture, social system, business manners, and management experience in Japan, we are able to understand the intentions of the other party and communicate from the perspective of a manager.
    We can also draw on the strong human network in Vietnam when needed.

    With these strengths, we are able to provide professional communication and networking services that are not available to most foreign companies.
    Our communication and networking skills are the key to your success in Vietnam.

  • Research


    In developed countries such as Japan and the United States, it is possible to obtain some business information from the Internet.
    There are advanced information-gathering techniques such as mass media surveys, and direct contact with companies can be made by telephone to obtain information.
    In the case of Vietnam, business information from the Internet and mass media is not as accurate as it could be.
    Also, the typical Vietnamese company rarely responds to calls from strangers without an introduction.
    The only effective way to gather information is to contact them directly and ask, or to ask through contacts.
    Information provided by others is often unfair, outdated or fraudulent in Vietnam.
    It is imperative that the background of the informant is fully considered and that the information is carefully vetted with a second opinion.

    Therefore, the basic policy of our research activities in Vietnam is to collect information.
    We will collect information directly by our staff in the judgment of our experts, and
    We use our network of contacts to conduct original research.

    We offer a wide range of research services such as market research, marketing, retail stores, land and property, product monitoring, price research and more at competitive prices.

  • Business Start-up

    Business Start-up

    All developed countries are ruled by the rule of law.
    Vietnam is still a humanitarian state.
    Of course, Vietnam has a uniform law.
    Becoming the 150th member of the WTO has allowed Vietnam to accelerate its development and application of the law.
    However, with its unique language and culture, it is very difficult for companies with competitive business schemes and products to do business successfully on their own in Vietnam, even if they have a competitive business scheme or product.

    We offer two services to help foreign companies overcome such difficulties in setting up their business in Vietnam.
    The first service supports general operations such as "finding offices, shops and factories, registration of incorporation, recruitment of employees and other administrative procedures".
    The second service is "strategic support for business partnerships and joint ventures with Vietnamese companies, mergers and acquisitions, trade business schemes and overseas remittances".

    Strong relationships, especially with Vietnamese government enterprises and major corporations, contribute greatly to the success of our clients' business start-ups.

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